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MP’s Calls for Hate will Result in an Increase of Hate Crimes in Azerbaijan

On June 24th, in the Sabail region of Baku, a transgender woman Ayla Demirova, 27, who lived on 26 Said Rustemov Street was stabbed to death. For the year 2015, this is already a third LGBT murder (the victim of one of them had their head cut off). As a result of an investigation, it was determined that Ayla was killed due to jealousy. Two of her close friends, who are also her roommates, were also at the scene. In order to help Ayla, they entered her room. 

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President’s answer doesn’t reflect the truth

ilhamcikMr. President’s answer doesn’t reflect the truth of Azerbaijan which is on 46th place out of 47 countries.We are very glad that ‘President, answer’ campaign held by Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan was implemented succesfully in European Parlamient. Tha purpose of campaign was to call attention to fundamental LGBT rights and to know what the head of state thinks about this.

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Nefes LGBT and Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Azerbaijan is blamed in the policy of hostility against Azerbaijan‏

1016897 511566625619889 7701973118365916019 nAs a Nefes LGBT we are very concerned over society’s reaction on our activity 17th May, Day against Homophobia. All the time we hear ‘We live in war conditions’, ‘Who will fight for Karabakh’ and the like. However, to be gay doesn’t mean to be feminine. Today there are ample gay people who serve in the army, they are ready to fight and sacrifice their lives by the order of Commander-of-chief of Azerbaijan 

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Statement of Nefes LGBt Azerbaijan on 17th May, Day against homophobia

pic417th May is being celebrated in every community as a Day Against Homophobia. This was a result of need, as society isolated LGBT, hated them all the time. People who were against any kind of discrimination opposed this. Actually, world fights with it everyday.

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Nafas LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance has been created on December 27, 2012.

Our mission is to improve social-political well-being of humans in Azerbaijan.