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As a LGBT organization we are very interested that, the issues regarding LGBT rights in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan’s obligations on LGBT rights are brought up for discussions between Azerbaijan and European Council. We call MPs of European Council to discuss LGBT rights as a part of fundamental human rights with high officials of Azerbaijan. It makes us happy that member of Sweden Parlamient Mrs. Ulrika Carlson showed her deep interest in LGBT situation in Azerbaijan.

ILGA Europe also articulated  its intentions to help us in our lobbying. Therefore, it is expected that in bilateral meetings MPs will ask Mr. Ilham Aliyev questions about LGBT.We are working on to attract as much as MP to join this initiative. PACE third part of 2014 session will be held in 23-27th June and OSCE PA Annual Session will be held in 28th June – 02th July 2014. As a country holding presidency of the Council of the European Union, it is likely that head of state will make a speech.

We think that, Europe doesn’t need a  country which lacks human rights and freedoms. Azerbaijan must realize its obligations. We call MPs to jo in this campaign Lets ask questions about LGBT rights in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan which is a member of the UN since March 2, 1992 and a member of European Council since 25 January, 2001 and Azerbaijan is party to more than 220 international agreements and almost half of these are directly or indirectly related to human rights and freedoms. However, no serious steps have been taken in development of LGBT rights, in the adoption and implementation of legislative projects that would cover legal protection, education, health or labor rights of LGBT. Our organization can’t be registered. We submitted 2 time for registration, but this request was denied without any proper reason.

The gaps in the existing legislation make it impossible to prevent hate crimes. Law enforcement agencies prioritise, not the laws but homophobic views that formed by the society while dealing with certain kinds of crime.

In 1990 World Health Organization, removed homosexuality  off the list of International Classification of Diseases. Although Azerbaijan is a member of this prestigious organisation, in the education and health care policy of the country homosexuality is still being taught as a disease. In addition, of LGBT movement in educational settings doesn’t exist.

Law enforcement officers don’t take seriously the cases relating to LGBT people’s complaints. Transgender people are more exposed to violence by  Law enforcement bodies .They are being detained on false accusations of drug possession.

Labour rights – conditions to find work are more critical than other  problems. To illustrate this problem, you can look through the survey on this topic conducted by our organization (http://goo.gl/Z5SfK1 ).

Last modified on Sunday, 13 September 2015

About Us

Nafas LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance has been created on December 27, 2012.

Our mission is to improve social-political well-being of humans in Azerbaijan.