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In Baku, the parents toke their 5 years old son to a psychologist after seeing that their son has the inclination to play with girl toys. In front of the parents, the psychologist has beat the child.



Psychologist Khatira Safarova reported about the accident. Currently, the child is going through her therapy.

Safarova says: “The parents of 5 years old child observed a tendency of playing with girl toys. Then they are trying to get a help of the psychologist. The Psychologist was heating the child front of the parents. Even he advised that you must beat him every day, let him know that, if he will play with girl toys again, he will have the same punishment (beating). You should send him to judo, not to swimming. Because he may have a girl body type. Don’t let him eat so many cookies, sweet stuff because homosexuals have an incline to the sweet stuff.  Don’t let him to has a colorful pen, because he may have an interest to the painting."

Last modified on Saturday, 11 February 2017

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