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22 January is National day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia in Azerbaijan. After the suicide of LGBT activist Isa Shahmarli in 22th of January in 2014, LGBT community commemorates this day to remember all LGBT people which became a victim of Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia. As Nefes LGBT AzerbaijanAlliance we are calling all of you to unite with us, with Azerbaijani LGBTTI* community. 


Do you know the situation of Human Rights in Azerbaijan?

In generally Azerbaijani authority is not accepting any fundamental Human Rights, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of movement, political rights, and civil liberties, crackdown on government critics, lawyers, and etc. By the report of Freedom House for 2016, Azerbaijan is again in not free list countries – Among the UN member countries Azerbaijan ranked in 16, among the 49 Council of Europe member countries in 1. place. There are damning reports from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International and a critical by the resolution by the European Parliament regarding the failings on rights and freedoms in Azerbaijan. Of course these circumstances have an influence on LGBTTI rights situation in Azerbaijan too.


What about LGBTI Human Rights?

By ILGA Europe’s annual report for 2016, Azerbaijan ranked in a last place in Europe, among the 49 member countries Council of Europe, Russia ranked in 48th place. However, European Parliament first time in 2015 demonstrated its concerns by passing a resolution that called for better protection of LGBTI people in Azerbaijan.

Hate speeches from senior officials increased, including by members of parliament. The chair of the National TV and Radio Council (NTRC) gave an interview stating that the TV channels should raise the standards of programming instead of broadcasting TV programs that “present the homosexual lifestyle as normal.”

Even the chairman of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance, Javid Nabiyev was denounced as a saboteur against the government and spy of the West because of his LGBTI activism. In 2015, he was obliged to escape from Azerbaijan to continue his LGBTI human rights work, in order to avoid being another victim of the political repression in Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijani criminal code does not address hate crimes and hate speeches based on gender identity or sexual orientation. There is no adoption of a single definition of hate crimes and hate speeches across all criminal justice agencies, which would allow for the tracking of LGBTI hate crime cases at each stage of the criminal justice system, and for policymakers and the wider public to understand better the criminal justice response to those hate crimes and hate speeches. 


Join to our action!

To make any event and raise our voice, share our political demands heavily difficult in Azerbaijan. That’s why we launched a campaign under name Voice Of Silence.

The campaign will continue between 22 – 28th January. Under the campaign, we launched A PETITION and VIDEO CONTENT with All Out to call on both the Azerbaijani President and Parliament to enact the reforms regarding hate speech, hate crime and anti-discrimination laws. 

Either, to show your solidarity we call all of you to join our remembrance photo action: light a candle, take a photo and share in your social network with created hashtag - #vosazerbaijan.

We just want equal rights, we want to treated as equal in social, political level. We will fight for this. Maybe we are now just a few people which fighting for it, tomorrow we will be more, DEFINITELY! 

Last modified on Saturday, 11 February 2017

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Nafas LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance has been created on December 27, 2012.

Our mission is to improve social-political well-being of humans in Azerbaijan.