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According to video footage spread around the social media the incident occurred at one of the hospitals in Baku. The transvestite shout at the top of their voice, seeking their rights while arguing with the doctor. “Is it relevant? I ask you a question. Why do you care if I’m a woman or man? This is Azerbaijan. I’m a modern citizen of a modern country. Do your job.”

It is obvious from the video that the transvestite who went to the hospital for medical service faced problems because of her identity and as a result an argument arose.

Despite the authorities claims that no discrimination occurs in Azerbaijan based on gender identity this incident proves otherwise.

It should be noted that one of the areas where LGBT people face discrimination most is medicine. The ministry of Healthcare as a respond to Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Allicance’s official inquiry stated that homosexuality is not considered illness in Azerbaijani medicine. Despite this many LGBT members are illegally “treated” under the name “normalizing” at state hospitals. The psychologists and psychotherapists that are licensed by Ministry of Healthcare also take part in this illegal process.   

Last modified on Monday, 02 April 2018

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