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Today, 13th of July members of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance and friends of LGBT community organized solidarity event front of the US Embassy in Baku.

In the end of event condolences letter presented to Robert Cekuta, Ambassador of USA in Azerbaijan.

"We were shocked to hear about the act of terrorism that took place in Orlando, FL.

This tragedy showed that homophobia is one of the biggest obstacles on the way to equality, and that nobody is safe from it. Homophobia has no language, race or nationality.

We hope that the American people overcome this tragedy and keep on fighting for democracy. This terrible act of terrorism will never be forgotten, instead it will give us more reasons and strength to fight for human rights, freedom and gender equality.

We, the members of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance, are deeply saddened by the Orlando events. We keep the victims, their families and friends, the LGBT community and the American people in our thoughts and prayers."

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Last modified on Monday, 13 June 2016

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