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On the day of murder Nijat went to visit Bakhtiyar and found him dressed in women’s cloths. Details revealed about the murder of a transvestite person that happened recently in Narimanov district in Baku. Arrested citizen of Kurdamir Nijat Melikov, 25, told the investigation how he killed his acquaintance – citizen of Baku Bakhtiyar Aliyev, 29. 

Recall that B.Aliyev was killed on the night of 28th of February in his rented apartment on A.Haydarov Street on the territory of 18th Police Department. 

On the victim’s body the forensic experts identified multiple superficial stab wounds. Aliyev died of excessive blood loss. Let us recall that the killer stuffed the victim’s mouth with socks and tied his hands and feet to prevent him from resisting.

According to Oxu.az with link to Vesti.az it was told from Narimanov district’s police department that B.Aliyev was a transvestite. He posted his photos as a girl on one of the social media sites, and in this way met with boys whom he later invited to his mentioned apartment. As for the suspect, according to Melikov, he doesn’t consider himself as a member of sexual minority. But according to him, he has a lot of gay acquaintances. On the day of murder Melikov visited Aliyev in his apartment and caught the latter cross-dressed. A conflict arouse between the young men as a result of Aliyev offending Melikov.  Then, Melikov decided to punish his acquaintance.

We already wrote about the fact that the stab wounds were superficial. According to the arrested, he did not want to kill Aliyev but rather intentionally stabbed with knife to torment, i.e. subjected him to torture by choking the victim. Afterwards Melikov left, locking the door after himself and leaving Aliyev to bleed…
Investigation is ongoing regarding the crime.

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